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Our range of products in limestone offering includes Kota Stone blue, Kota Stone brown, Kota Stone Covings, Kota Stone Cobbles etc. Other then our Lime stone offering we also deals in other natural stones such as Kandla Grey Sandstone, Red Mandana Sandstone, Autumn Brown sandstone found in our area.

1. Kota Blue / Green
Kota Stone blue (Alternatively called Kota Green also) is a limestone and famous for its low price and beautiful color. People like Kota stones due to its charming appearance and long life.

Kota stone has unique properties that make it 1st choice for builders. We offer export quality Kota stone slabs, blue Kotastone, Kota limestone polished tiles, Kota stone blocks in this segment. ....read more

2. Kota Brown / Yellow
Our range of Kota Brown Limestone is recognized through its fine shade of bluish green that adds liveliness to the interiors. High durability and fine finish, our range of polished blue limestone and Kota Brown Limestone are offered to suit varying needs of flooring and cladding.

It is mainly used with Kota Blue limestone for getting different color in natural stone flooring. It has a very high export demand.....read more

3. Kandla Grey
Kandla grey sandstone also known as Focus or Budhpura Grey has quartz grains cemented together by secondary silica & calcite. Due to the presence of Quartz in it this is also known as Quartzitic Sandstones. Due to natural bluish Grey color it find extensive popularity in paving and most town planners in Europe, specifically Belgium and UK, find this sandstone most useful in their old city revamping projects.

The natural cleft surface also due to strong physical and chemical composition of the stone is also very smooth and riven. It is extensively used in making Huge Ladscaping projects, window cills, lintels, kerbs and so on. It also finds huge popularity for being used as wall cladding and various other interior and exterior landscaping applications. ....read more

4. Covings
Being the Mines Holder we are pioneer in manufacturing Kota Stone Covings for pharmaceutical floorings. The Covings we made are, with respect to the clause of WHO-GMP, Schedule-M for coving the corners i.e. for avoiding dust accumulation and easy cleaning practice in pharmaceuticals flooring Corners gives rise to bacterial,fungal or insect growth.

Kota Stone Covings are used in corners in such infrastructures where hygiene is given the foremost priority. It can be said technically that covings are used generally where clean room concepts are used. Mostly such clean room concepts are required in WHO-GMP certified pharmaceuticals, food industry, dairy industries, and many other places where corners of floorings are avoided for dust accumulation. ....read more